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About us

UAB "Law and Financial Solutions" is an innovative company oriented towards establishment and successful development of a client’s business. 

Encouraged by international cooperation, we also strive to attract foreign investors to Lithuania giving them versatile support to start and develop business in Lithuania.    

The main areas of our activities:

  • accounting and management of finances of an enterprise;
  • consulting on the issues of the system of taxes of the Republic of Lithuania;
  • Law on enterprises:  incorporation of enterprises, rearrangement of enterprises, reorganisation of enterprises, increase and reduction of an authorised capital, liquidation of enterprises and consulting on the issues of restructuring of enterprises or bankruptcy, arrangement of the meetings of shareholders and representation;  
  • Application of labour law: drawing up of internal documents, contracts, internal work procedures, job descriptions and other internal documents of an enterprise, work with personnel files.  
UAB "Law and Financial Solutions"  is famous for their exceptional attention to a client, reliability and flexible pricing policy, and it is proved by the loyalty of the first clients and those, who joined later.

Our employees are experienced specialists with law, accounting and financial education ready to give you comprehensive law, accounting, financial, tax consultations. 

We inure undoubtedly to our clients’ benefit performing activities not only in the area of accounting, but also in the area of law, thus our clients have an opportunity to get a very wide spectrum of services from one partner, in who they place confidence.  

Invoking our youthful enthusiasm, being unstinting in our time and efforts, we strive to close cooperation and clear results of our activities, whereas our purpose is the success of Your business! 

Law   Depart.    +370 682 31865
Finance Depart. +370 672 17947


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